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Transaction Related

You are responsible for testing your account and maintaining the required margin at all times to maintain your open position. The default minimum margin requirement for CJC MARKETS is 100%. This means that at any time, if your account funds fall to 100% of the required margin, you will be automatically closed. The closing process is as follows: The maximum undisbursed accumulated net position loss will be closed first, followed by the next largest losing position, and so on, until the required margin requirement is met or exceeded. Depending on the size of the open position and the unrealized gains and losses, all open positions may be closed to meet margin requirements.

It may or may not break the position, depending on the account occupancy margin and the net value of the trader’s account. CJC MARKETS uses floating spreads instead of fixed spreads. Due to the fluctuation of the spread, the net value will change, the spread will increase, and the net value will decrease. Therefore, when the market is in the data or the announcement of the news, as well as the opening and closing time, it is often accompanied by market conditions with spreads. For customers who lock trading, please reserve sufficient funds in advance. [Remarks] Risks about the lockout of the lockouts When the market is in a non-agricultural and other important data or when the important news is announced, the huge fluctuations and the opening time are often accompanied by the market conditions of spreads. For customers who lock the trading, please Keep enough funds to avoid forced spread when the net value is lower than 100% of the used margin due to the spread. If the market is volatile, the position will not stop at 100%, but maybe lower than 100%. The closing of the stop-loss order for the lock order may be asymmetrical. (Because the spread between the bid price and the selling price increases, the transaction price of the bid price and the selling price varies greatly.) Please be aware. CJC MARKETS is not responsible for any loss of lockouts caused by market factors. CJC MARKETS will not compensate for any lockouts caused by market factors. CJC MARKETS has the right to pursue a portion of the lock-up position that is negative due to market factors.

In the real foreign exchange market, we can’t predict the next price level, nor can we predict the spread at the next moment, so we can’t predict the specific time point at which the lockout may break. If you must lock a position, please use the following method: When locking the position, please ensure that your account margin ratio is maintained at a high level to avoid forced closing of your account due to factors such as spreads. After locking the position, if you want to unlock, you will close a single order. Please pay attention to keep a sufficient margin, otherwise it will cause the unlock to be opened. Although you may not be able to open the position because you do not use the deposit, when you close any order, your other reverse order will be lost, you need to use the deposit, when your net worth is lower than this order. When the margin is 100%, the position will be released.

MT4 the overnight interest charges for each currency pair are different; for details, you can view them in the symbol list. The steps are as follows: Right-click on any set of currency pairs in the market quote and select ‘ Trading variety’ in the pop-up window. In the ‘Trading variety’ list, select the currency pair you want to query, for example, AUD to USD, AUDUSD, find and select the currency pair and click on the property. The contract details window will pop up. (If you want to add the undisplayed in the market quotation window The currency pair can be clicked on the symbol list, right click, select all display, it will present the quotation of all currency pairs) Find the corresponding purchase order adjustment inventory fee / Sell order adjustment inventory fee display, positive number represents interest, Negative numbers represent expenses. Remarks: All trading products will have overnight interest, and the quotation bank may make adjustments according to changes in market conditions.

Account Related

On our website find Create account at the upper right corner of the website to register. After completing the registration, you will enter the account application interface. Please follow the requirements of the account opening information to complete the information required on this application page and submit the form. After submitting the registration form, you will receive a notification email with the results of the trading account within 1-3 days.

CJC Market offers a free demo account containing virtual funds. This allows you to try out our platform and practice trading strategies and how to use the platform. To open the demo account, what you need to do is click here or you can go back to the bottom of the home page and find Open a demo trading account in the Create Account section.

When you receive the notification that the account application is successful, you can use the login account and password in the email to enter the account. You can trade after you deposit sufficient funds in your account.

Your password can be reset on the trading platform. If you are still unable to reset your password, you can send an email to us to reset the password from your registered email with us, to our customer service email address [email protected]. After verifying your information, we will send the reset password to the email address you registered when you opened the account. You can also contact our online customer service staff or call our customer service team for consultation.

Fund Related

You can deposit funds directly into our client trust bank account. We only accept electronic transfers. We do not accept cash, cheques or any other instruments or types of transfers. The details of the client trust bank account can be obtained from CJC’s representatives. We only accept funds that are transferred from a bank account bearing the same name as the account with us. Transfers from other parties will be returned and any fees incurred will payable by you.

Please login on CJC Markets’ website. Submit the withdrawal request after completing the information as required. Please ensure that the bank account which is receiving the funds is in the same name as the account with us. Any application to transfer to a third party will be rejected.

In accordance with all the regulations, all client funds are fully segregated from the company’s own funds and kept in clients’ trust account in major commercial banks. This ensures that client funds cannot be used for any other purpose.

CJC only supports the client’s own bank account for deposit and withdrawal business. CJC Markets will not accept any funds from non-personal accounts or bank cards, and any third-party source transfers will be returned. CJC Markets does not accept cash or cheques for deposits.

We do not charge fees for deposit. Depending on the type of withdrawals, a fee may be charged. The type of fees charged, and the amount can be found in the Fees Schedule on our website.

MT4 Related

MT4 is a widely used trading platform which was developed by MetaQuotes in 2005. MT4 is not only used for foreign exchange trading but also for trading other markets. CJC Markets customers can use MT4 platform to trade foreign currencies, stock, indices, metals and commodities.

There are several reasons why MT4 is popular:

MT4 can be used for automatic trading, and you can customise and create your own calculation formula.

MT4 has the highest level of customization, where a large number of Apps can be used to improve its graphics, user interface and functionalities.

MT4 is a one-stop shop that can be used to trade with various suppliers.

Yes, MT4 supports both iPhone and Android systems.

Email notifications, containing your account number and password, will be sent to your email address once the account is opened successfully.

You can contact our customer service or send an email to our official email address to apply for a password reset. You can also contact our customer service and ask for ‘password reset application’. You need to fill out details and sign in the application and send an email to our official email address or our customer service. You will receive an email containing ‘Password reset success notification’ from us. You can use the new password in the email and reset a new one later

Usually, this is caused by the server selection error or wrong password. ‘CJCMarkets-Demo’ is for the demo account server and ‘CJCMarkets-Real’ is for Standard account server.

Please choose the right server. Initial password must be comprised of both letters and numbers. Please make sure type in the correct password or copy and paste from the notification email.

This may be caused by an operating system before windows XP/ 2003 version. Please contact our customer service for more information.